Quincy, Massachusetts
Lori Solomon Creative

Lori Solomon Creative
Copywriting & Photography


"Lori is an incredible resource for creative ideation that transcends copywriting. Having her and her result-driven team in creative meetings relative to product campaigns, email content strategies, and seasonal pushes has been critical to the success of the global marketing effort. She brings an incredible amount of customer-focused thinking and awareness. She is passionately married to the voice of each unique DAI brand and is in constant pursuit of testing and data-driven decisions. Her high-energy and positive attitude make her an amazing co-worker. 


David Hirsch

Vice President of eCommerce at FGX International


“Lori is not only an excellent, creative copywriter, but she is also a pleasure to work with and a great team player. When I worked with Lori at L.W. Robbins, she always met her deadlines and consistently went above the call of duty to take on additional assignments. She is a very positive, upbeat professional with a terrific sense of humor and a great deal of talent. Given the opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her for either freelance work or a staff position."

Bob Cargill

Owner of Cargill Creative

"I've had the opportunity to work with Lori on multiple SEO projects. She has the ability to take the roughest idea and turn it into selling gold. In our marketing meetings, she comes up with the most clever headlines right on the spot! Lori's deadlines are always met, she takes pride in her work and she consistently exceeds expectations. Her sense of humor combined with more than 20 years of copywriting experience make her a must-have for any creative department."

Melysha Acharya

SEO & Marketing Consultant

"Lori is truly a gifted writer, consistently coming up with new ideas and challenging norms. She adapts quickly to fit the needs of the creative and business goals for each project. Lori has a unique energy and personality that makes her a joy to work with."

Kyle Fiedler

Chief Design Officer at thoughtbot

"Lori Solomon is a wonderful creative writer. We knew we could always count on her to take a project from concept to completion, to make the project hers, to add a creative flair and to bring it in on time."

Bob Rosenberger

Communications, Events Planning & Training Professional